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LandTracker Relativity Application

Bricker & Eckler and NSerio partnered to develop a custom Relativity application to assist a client building a multi-billion-dollar, 200-mile natural gas pipeline, ultimately saving the client an estimated $195K in attorney fees.

“Bricker had partnered with NSerio before to develop on the Relativity platform and knew NSerio would help deliver a sophisticated application containing various custom objects and the ability to collect and organize information from various sources as well as real-time analytics and financial reporting.”

Lauren Curto

Litigation Support Manager
Bricker & Eckler LLP
200 Miles of Landowners

200 Miles of Landowners

The core problem Bricker’s client had was managing real estate documents, court filings, and other financial data across 1,200 landowners, spanning two states. The firm began tackling the challenge using Excel and Word, but that was deemed unworkable very quickly, and with a tight timeline, they realized the need for a custom solution.

Court Deadlines

Court Deadlines

In addition to managing huge amounts of disparate information, the firm had to respond rapidly once a landowner decided to refuse access to the pipeline company.  The refusal requires the firm to file a federal lawsuit and spend valuable time collecting all the necessary documents for each landowner.  All while operating under a tight court-imposed deadline.

Developing a Solution

Developing a Solution

Bricker & Eckler had a small in-house development team, but with the tight timelines and massive complexity of the project, they decided to hire NSerio to augment their team.  The architects and engineers at NSerio had been developing on the Relativity platform for more than 8 years and their deep bench of subject matter experts was exactly what the firm needed to ensure their client’s success.  NSerio quickly mobilized a team and got to work collaborating with the firm.

NSerio - Relativity Software Developers

LandTracker Comes to Life

NSerio consulted heavily with Bricker & Eckler, delivering an application custom designed for the pipeline company’s very particular use case.  It included 1,600 fields, 22 custom objects, and two Relativity agents.  The team also built in financial statistics reporting, real-time analytics, Google Earth views, and a case calendar.

A Happy Client

Once LandTracker was deployed to the firm’s Relativity environment, both he firm and the pipeline company had the ability to produce all landowner documentation needed for a court filing, with the click of a button.  If done manually, this process would have taken hours or even days for each landowner, saving the client thousands of hours over the life of the project.

The application also provided a robust calendar function to keep the whole team aligned on important court dates, as well as dashboard reports that delivered vital information automatically to case workers.

Relativity Innovation Award Winner!

The team at Bricker & Eckler, as well as their client, were thrilled with the LandTracker application and decided to enter the Relativity Innovation Award contest in 2017, winning in the category of Best Innovation – Law Firm or Corporation!

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