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LitSmart Exhibit Sticker

Kilpatrick Townsend and NSerio partnered to develop a custom Relativity application that made the manual process of numbering exhibits 60 times faster.

“Relativity allowed us to streamline our workflow and improve accuracy when placing digital stickers. LitSmart Exhibit Sticker replaced a clunky and error-prone process with one that is user friendly and gives our paralegals and case teams hours back in the day.”


Global Discovery Counsel
Last Minute Crunch

Last Minute Crunch

Kilpatrick’s LitSmart® eDiscovery Team was tasked with an 11th hour request to stamp more than 500 exhibit documents before an 8:00am deadline. Requests like this are often driven by unpredictable developments during litigation preparation, and the team knew it was time to find a technology solution to make the process way faster and more efficient.

Developing a Solution

Developing a Solution

Kilpatrick approached NSerio with the problem and together the two teams designed a custom Relativity application that would enable a user to trigger an automated process of numbering exhibits with the click of a single button after selecting a saved search. NSerio was quick to develop and deliver the application, allowing the LitSmart team to be rapidly responsive to attorneys’ requests, and making their previously manual process 60 times faster.

Relativity Innovation Award Winner!

The team at Kilpatrick Townsend was excited to roll out and standardize processes around their new custom application. Additionally, they decided to enter the application in the Relativity Innovation Award contest in 2019, winning in the category of Best Innovation – Law Firm or Corporation!

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