Saving time and money with automated trained machine learning models

eMerge Xtractor

eMerge Xtractor was created to provide a fast, low cost, automated solution to convert and extract the information contained in the unstructured text of form documents into usable structured information.

eMerge Xtractor brings advanced Microsoft machine learning technology and capability to any Relativity user all within the familiar Relativity interface without ever having to leave Relativity. Users can spend more time analyzing and acting on the information rather than compiling it. What would typically take attorneys days of document review and coding can be accomplished in an afternoon, saving the legal team hundreds of hours of fact investigation, and clients thousands in legal fees.

“We didn’t know what it was going to look like when we started, we just described what the application should do and the requirements from our early testing and proof of concept. The NSerio team took our ideas and requirements and brought it to life, They did an amazing job creating the first mockups. It really captured our vision for the application with a great user experience that is easy to use and looks like a native Relativity interface. The collaboration with their designers/developers throughout the project was amazing. They are a valuable extension to our team and I would recommend NSerio to anyone that has an idea for a Relativity customization.”

Chris Haley

Director of Legal Technology
Troutman Pepper eMerge
The Challenge

The Challenge

Converting unstructured text contained in a form document into usable structured information in a field on a table in a review application like Relativity has always been a very manual process. It could take days of work by coders, paralegals, attorneys or others to manually review, find the information within the documents, and type that information into a field within the review application or an Excel spreadsheet. The effort to manually convert and extract the information was often too time and cost prohibitive to make it worth the effort.



On an early project, the estimates for manually extracting the data were ~$70,000 and would take weeks (20-30 min per form) of manual data entry. eMerge Xtractor technology was able to extract the data from these forms in less than 28 hours and had a total cost of ~$1,500. The results from Xtractor had an average accuracy of 98%, before even reviewing or QCing the output. Xtractor was able to provide the important information to allow the legal team to filter and isolate documents of interest based on specific fields in these forms in significantly less time and cost than alternative options.

A Happy Client

eMerge Xtractor has saved eMerge and its clients significant costs and provided information and capability that would have otherwise not been possible or would have made the project not worth doing but for Xtractor.

Relativity Innovation Award Winner!

Best Innovation Enterprise!

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