We can integrate third-party applications with Relativity. We have developed integrations for many of our customers. This can help companies generate new revenue by repurposing their proprietary technology to be connected to Relativity. Some example of our integrations include:

  • Translations Services
  • Google AI Services
  • Microsoft AI Services
  • Amazon Services
  • Proprietary Technologies

Application Development

We can build just about anything into Relativity. We will help you achieve results and get the most of your Relativity investment. We can help you develop:

  • Custom Pages
  • Relativity Dynamic Objects
  • Event Handlers
  • SQL Scripts / Relativity Scripts
  • Project Management applications
  • …and almost anything you can think of


We can help you save time and boost your team’s productivity by designing and automating repetitive processes. Automate existing workflows by using custom Agents and Scripts.

Code Review

We can help you with your existing code. We will analyze it and provide feedback to fix or enhance it.

  • Identify Potential Problems
  • Prevent Security Vulnerabilities
  • Reduce Performance Inefficiencies
  • Implement Code-Maintainability & Best Practices
  • Add Compatibility with new Relativity versions

Quality Testing

We offer testing services to ensure your application is error-free and compatible with different versions and flavors of Relativity.

  • Performance testing
  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Relativity version support

Our Process

Understand Requirements

Gather the project requirements, identify the goal and help GUIDE the solution.


Our architects will design the best approach and build a STRATEGY for the solution. At this point, we will generate a high-level estimate of cost, effort, and delivery dates.


After delivering our proposal it goes for CLIENT-REVIEW. We will update and iterate until we are fully aligned with what will be delivered.

App Development

After the project is approved, we will kick it off and routinely COMMUNICATE updates while the application is being developed.


After our development and testing cycle has completed SUCCESSFULLY, we will deliver the solution and assist you during deployment.


After the application goes into production, we will be available should any issues come up.

We are award-winning Relativity software developers.

Ever since Relativity launched the Innovation Awards, eleven of our solutions were finalists and three were winners!