Hackathon 2023

Challenge of the year 2023, 48 hours of AI and Machine Learning, Jun 22-24 with very special guests as judges.



The Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant that facilitates data analysis and the use of Relativity through the integration of AI tools.

Application defined to be used at Instance and workspace level.

Team: Xiomara Cruz, Oscar Cubillos, Cristian Camilo Perez, Santiago Flores.

Full Demo

Chronovisio Crafter

This application uses AI to find key dates on produced images and creates a timeline based on these dates. It also generates images using the summary of information extracted of the Key Date.

Application defined to be used at workspace level.

Team: Aide Paez, Jessica Gomez, Johan Santamaria, Santiago Gacharna.

AI Connector

AI Connector allows users to use complex AI services in a natural and simple way by identifying actions or types of images uploaded to Relativity.

Application defined to be used at workspace level.

Team: Karen Torres, Leonardo Vera, Miller Torres, Helmer Fuentes.

Full Demo

AI Assistant

AI Assistant is an application based on the natural learning of AI that allows the user to make queries on Relativity objects such as users, clients, matters, groups, workspaces, custodians, and documents. In addition, the user can create saved searches with key documents, all based on a series of simple questions. This is a Relativity application which enables the user to interact with the AI through a custom page.

Application defined to be used at instance level.

Team: Andrea Botina, Freddy Rodriguez, Moises Ripoll, Alexander Marceles.


This is an all-in-one solution designed to simplify your daily life. It works with sensitive data, trained with AI, to create markups in Relativity.

Save time and ensure accuracy with automatic redactions and highlights tailored to each workspace and its unique information.

Application defined to be used at workspace level.

Team: Lady Lagos, Camilo Soto, Edgar Hernandez, Duvan Guia.

Full Demo


This application helps the reviewers detect possible AI-created content within the documents to review.

Application defined to be used at workspace level.

Team: Catherina Welter, Guillermo Ospitia, Diego Malagon, David Solorzano, Oscar Sandoval.

Full Demo