Hackathon 2022

Challenge of the year 2022, 48 hours of creativity and great ideas, Jun 9-11 with very special guests as judges.


Production Share

Production Share is a solution designed to streamline and simplify the workflow for sharing Production Sets in Relativity; automating a large part of the regular processes and improving security aspects; without requiring prior technical training.

Application defined to be used at Instance level.

Team: Oscar Cubillos, Santiago Flores, Camilo Molina, Camilo Rodriguez.

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Relativity Audocs®

Relativity Audocs® provides an awesome and helpful capability of reading documents out loud from the document viewer. The reviewers highlights an excerpt of the text and through a contextual menu they are able to see a floating control that begins to read the text out loud, then while the text is being reproduced the reviewer can update the document metadata.

Relativity Audocs® allows the user to reproduce text as audio in many languages, change the audio speed and customize the voice and emotions making the coding experience diverse and funny.

Team: Diego Guzman, Johan Melgarejo, Johan Santamaria, Xiomara Cruz

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Agile STR®

Agile STR simplifies the process of reviewing, creating, editing, and Running Search Terms Reports (STR), skipping several confusing steps that users with lack of knowledge of relativity usually have to do.

In the document viewer, the users will find a new option called “Quick STR”, after clicking a list of saved search appears, after select one a complete list of the STRs related to the saved search selected appears, and giving the users the most important details about the STRs, list of the terms, and some actions like Create STR, View resutls, Run, and Edit, all in the same view.

Team: Leidy Lagos , Camilo Soto, Oscar Sandoval, Duvan Perez.

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Native Download Massive Action®

Native Download Massive Action is an easy way to download multiple native files through a massive option from the documents tab, you no longer have to worry about downloading files one by one from the document viewer

Team: Aide Paez, Anyi Garzon, Julian Gil, Andrea Botina

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NCode Remote®

The NCode Remote mobile app is a new way to put the power of e-Discovery management at your fingertips.

Documents download, review, encoding and synchronization functions that make the work easier for the user.
Offline actions that allow you to finish the coding job.
Collaborate in real time with your team wherever you are with out the need of your computer.
Easy code and quickly send documents back to Relativity One.
A shorter, simpler coding template.
Friendly coding templates.
Plan ahead by reviewing the documents required to complete a job.
Easily downloading of key documents required to complete the review and coding.

Team: William Yaruro, Fredy Rodriguez, David Solórzan, Catherina Welter

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