Hackathon 2019

Challenge of the year 2019, 48 hours of creativity and great ideas, event held on Jun 19-20 and 21 with very special guests as judges.


Face Recognition App

Face Recognition App, the first Relativity App that allows you to monitor any user by using Face Recognition to protect your client’s Sensitive Information in a secured Relativity Workspace.

Team: Alex Cubillos, Jeison Triana, Aaron Machado, Oscar Cubillos

Full Demo

Document Insights

Document Insights is a suite of tools aided to give the user a better and deep understanding about a document.

  • User will be able to bring words definitions (specially useful for strongly technical documents) from different definition providers (oxford dictionary, Wikipedia).
  • System will perform a quick text analysis to determine text topics.
  • User will get a heat map bar that allow him, visually, find the terms highly correlated with text topics.
  • All in a single page

Team: Miller Torres, Miguel Lopez, Camilo Molina, Julio Bolaños

Full Demo


Master Builder

Master builder tries to make the Relativity activities easy for Admin users uploading and editing data on spot before saving it.
It has three options:

  • The first one allows to the user to create any kind of field for any Relativity Object and download the template to upload massive data.
  • The second one allows to the user to select a RDO, download the template to upload RDOs information and upload the csv template to upload the selected RDO data.
  • The last one allows to the user create a RDO and its related objects like fields, view, tab and layout on the same place.

Team: Nathaly Botina, Guillermo Guerrero, Leonardo Vera

Full Demo

Relievity: Relativity Tutorial Tool

Relievity is a tool that allows to create guides for all new features in any application on Relativity environment.

Team: Oscar Sosa, Christian Llanos, David Solorzano, Santiago Florez, Sergio Riañio

Full Demo



rApps provides to all Companies like: Nserio, Epiq, Iconic, Heretik, Ricoh, etc a powerful tool where each company is able to upload its own applications with full views, demos, versions and much more for relativity users are able to purchase and install automatically the apps in the instances immediately available.

Team: Leidy Lagos, Juan Ñustes, Edwar Ruiz, Johan Santamaria

Full Demo