Hackathon 2018

First Challenge of the year 2018, 48 hours of creativity and great ideas, event held on March 21-22 and 23 with very special guests as judges.



Virtual Assistant (Reli) – OVERALL WINNER

Virtual assistant for Relativity platform

RELI is a very useful tool that will help you to access quickly to agents, workspaces, users, groups and much more system variables allowing Relativity users to modify flags, status, turn on or turn off agents with just one click. This application is has infinities was of customization allowing the user to create SQl command and or Kepler endpoints depending on the client’s need.

Team: Marlon Sanguino, Juan Miguel Prado, Johan Santamaria, Juan Nustes

Relativity HomePage (Winner – Most Creative)

The application shows the user’s activity on Relativity to access different options.

  1. “Home” has a set of searches of the relativity objects commonly used. : Favorite workspaces, Last workspaces visite.
    Each record has a link to open the related workspace.
  2. HomePage “Document Search” the user can use following filters to find documents created or modified by workspaces: Date range, Or/And operators, Terms.
  3. HomePage “Events” has a recent list of events created by user. Each event is general to Relativity instance and it contains: name, description and date. The events are visible to all users.

Team: Nataly Botina, Guillermo Guerrero, Leonardo Vera

CaseNotes (Winner – Best Presentation)

CaseNotes is an useful app made for all Relativity users to replace common third party note apps in they workflows. CaseNotes store all sensitive information directly on Relativity, avoiding the security problems of external attacks and data losing because relies on the Relativity security layers.

Team: Leidy Lagos, Camilo Romero, Oscar Sosa