Hackathon 2017



Script4Dummies – OVERALL WINNER

Stop using a bored text area to edit your relativity scripts and start using a full interactive modal with SQL highlight syntax, drag & drop inputs and more!.

Team: Edison Gonzalez, Fabian Alarcon, Ricardo Amaya

Relativity Voice (Winner – Most Creative)

Add voice recognition in Relativity, It supports basic commands such as navigation, search, and others. e.g. – Add this page to favorites. – Navigate to Fields, etc.

Team: Marlon Sanguino, Alejandro Urrego, Luis Ruiz, Claudia Rojas

Nboard (Winner – Best Presentation)

Web application that shows in a single page all the virtual machines with Relativity available in the company, each machine would show: IP, host machine, status (on, off), Relativity Version, installed applications on relativity and users, every virtual machine has a quick access to relativity login page.

Team: Camilo Romero, Leidy Lagos, Jessica Gomez