Hackathon 2016



Inspector is an application that subscribes to events in a workspace. It does so without impacting SQL performance due to the method used to subscribe. It doesn’t run constant SQL queries, it uses SQL Dependency, which is Service Broker and Signal-R working together to trigger messages as changes to tables are made. It provides an attractive real-time visualization of what’s happening in your workspace.

Team: Edison Gonzalez, Jessica Gomez, Javier Saldaña, Julian Rincon

Full Demo


The Messenger application is a simple chat client between Relativity users. The use case was mainly for support, but it can can be used for any purpose where instant communication is required.

Full Demo


This proof of concept application, nicknamed Bender, is a framework that allows applications to communicate across instances. Behind the scenes it creates OAuth 2 clients for each specific application. This releaves the complicated steps involved in creating cross-instance communications in Relativity. This will pave the way for next generation Relativity One applications that require interaction with multiple instances.

Full Demo