NVision app

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NVision will allow you to monitor any user by using face recognition to protect your client’s sensitive information in a secured Relativity workspace.

Rel One compatible

New Features

  • Face recognition to log out a user when:
    1. User leaves working area.
    2. A person different than the authorized user is recognized.
      • Alone.
      • Next to the authorized user.
  • Blocks screensharing by logging user out of Relativity.
  • Logs out user from Relativity to avoid screen capture.
  • Tracks in an audit log all blocking actions.


  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used from any computer.
  • Protects all your data from unauthorized users.
  • Immediately Reports on blocking actions.

Next Release

  • Notifications to administrators when unauthorized users are identified.
  • I want a full demo of NVision