NTune is a real time chat and collaboration tool. Like Slack but with the ability to be content aware within Relativity. NTune is fully secure within the Relativity environment and can maintain associations to Relativity documents, fields, and other objects that are referenced within messages. Keeping everything in one place, NTune will significantly increase your review team’s productivity and help keep everyone aligned on the project.

RELATIVITY SUPPORTED VERSIONS:  RelativityOne – 10.3 – 2021


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  • Keep all user collaboration in one place
  • Fully secure within Relativity’s infrastructure
  • Intuitive user interface allows efficient communication
  • Direct chats, group chats, and channel discussions
  • Relativity content aware
  • Channel subscriptions
  • Message retention
Juan Ramirez - Founder

Juan Ramirez

Founder CEO

Jessica Gomez - Account Manager

Jessica Gomez

Client Solutions Director

Phil Hennessy VP – Sales and Marketing

Phil Hennessy

VP – Sales and Marketing

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