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Kanbanify will give you the ability to easily visualize key points of Documents or Objects in Relativity based on the fields values through cards in Kanban board.

9.6 – 10.2


  • Build boards using any Object type.
  • Ability to see data of up to 5 different fields in the Kanbanify cards.
  • Collapse and expand the columns.
  • Ability to search.
  • Pin the most important column.
  • Drag and drop cards between the columns and update the value of the object.
  • Ability to edit and delete the previously created board.


  • Easily search through the information set on the cards.
  • Review just the information you need.
  • Change how you want to see your work at any time with a card view.
  • Organize your work visually by categorizing cards into columns.
  • Focus your team’s attention with cards that include custom fields, and color coding.
  • Save time identifying your smoking gun.


  • Ability to go your Object or Document from the Kanbanify Card.
  • Add, Edit or Delete Objects from your Kanbanify board.
  • Drag and drop multiple cards at the same time.
  • Color code information on the field selected.
  • Change columns order.
  • Change cards order in a column.
  • More filtering options.
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