General information

How do I install NTune?

NTune is installed via a stardard Relativity Application File (RAP).

Compatibility Matrix
RAP Version
Release Date

Relativity One


Server 2021 [11.1.457.11]


Which Relativity components does the app use?
  • Custom Page
  • Event Handlers
  • Post Install Event Handler
  • Pre Uninstall Event Handler
  • SQL to store data (Tables not RDO’s)
  • SignalR (SQL Backplane)
  • Telemetry
How “heavy” are these NTune components?

The only components that could be considered “heavy” are the ones related to SQL. NTune text is stored in SQL, which will slightly increase the database size over time, and the database could be strained if there is very heavy concurrent usage of the NTune application.

Are there networking requirements?

No special requirements. As the application is currently certified for RelOne only, we assume there will be access to the Internet from the Web servers. Internet access is required to send telemetry metrics back to NSerio.

Explain the agent structure and how the agents work

There are no agents used with NTune

How does Relativity ensure applications like NTune etc. are secure to run on their platform?

Relativity has security best practices that need to be followed. This is reviewed by their security team and signed off on before an app can be listed on the App Hub. NTune was developed using the best practices and it has been reviewed by Relativity.

What security testing processes to you use to validate the NTune application?

The NTune development team implements several best practices and tools to ensure the application is secure. Some of the practices are:

  1. Run third-party code review to scan for vulnerabilities
  2. Perform penetration tests
  3. Cross-check code against OWASP’s vulnerabilities list
How are security updates and other fixes pushed out to NTune existing installations?

Relativity is piloting a program that will enable third party applications to load their new versions to a single portal. Relativity will then push the updates to all RelativityOne clients using the application. NTune will be part of this pilot. We also frequently send application updates to our NTune clients as they become available.


Do I need to be an administrator to use NTune?
Admin rights are needed to install the application and permissions are used to enable all users to use the application.

Does everyone in the workspace have access to NTune?
No, only users with access to the workspace AND who are in groups with Tab Visibility to NTune, granting access to use the application.

How many users can be part of a channel?
As many are as assigned to the workspace and have access to the NTune application.

When files are uploaded to chats, where are they stored?
Files are stored in the Relativity database, which will increase the size of the database. Files do not become “documents” and will not show up in the Documents tab/list. File sizes are limited to 20 MB.

Are files uploaded to NTune chats virus scanned?
No, NTune is consistent with Relativity, files are not virus scanned. However, Relativity has malware protection that will quarantine any file that triggers malware, including files uploaded to NTune chats.

What happens if I archive a workspace?
NTune and all chat history will be archived with the workspace.

*Future version – users will have the option to include or exclude NTune when archiving a workspace

Can I use NTune at the Client level?
Currently NTune is only available at the Workspace level. However, we will likely have a premium version available late 2021 that will have Client level available.