Calendar App

Caledar NSerio App
Caledar App

NSerio’s Calendar will allow you to visualize all your important case events in Relativity, create different calendars for your case from information that already exists in your Workspace Objects.

9.6 – 10.2


  • Create many calendars to track different type of dates for your case.
  • Create calendar entries.
  • Filter by type, based on a single choice field.
  • Edit or delete entries on calendars.
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly View.


  • Ability to visualize in a calendar different events and have your case data centralized
  • Control access to calendars using Relativity’s permissions
  • Ability to easily monitor past and upcoming events
  • Ability to use existing data on dates in your workspace to build your calendar

Next Release

  • Integration to calendar services as Gmail, Outlook
  • Ability to edit more fields from the RDO
  • Calendar at the instance level
  • Additional filtering and searching options
  • Export
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