About us

About us

It all started when Juan was born in a small city in the southern region of Colombia…..wait, that’s too far back. Let’s fast forward…..

In January of 2012 our founder, Juan Ramirez, moved from Chicago to Bogota. His mission was to start a company that solved many of the problems with typical outsourcing solutions. (He also wanted to get away from Chicago’s winters.)

Colombia was the perfect location. It aligns with US time zones, has has a rich talent pool focused in engineering and technology, and is a short flight away from several major US cities. The people in Colombia are very welcoming, caring, and proud.  We watch many of the same movies, listen to the same music, and love to dance!  We have a great company culture that demands quality and puts the success of our clients as our top priority.

The Leadership Team

Juan Ramirez

Founder CEO

Juan Ramirez is the founder and CEO of NSerio. Juan was born in Colombia, South America, but grew up Chicago. He studied Electronic Engineering and began his career working in corporate IT. He started freelancing as a software developer and saw an opportunity to start his own company, which led to founding NSerio in 2011. Now NSerio has over 40 employees and works with many of the world’s most reputable law firms, legal service providers, and corporations.

Carlos Torres

Chief Information and Technology Officer (RCA)

Carlos is the chief information and technology officer at NSerio.  As a technology-driven professional, he has years of experience spanning across many different areas of the software industry. Carlos developed a specialty in Relativity and this experience brought him to lead engineering and delivery at NSerio in 2019. He is responsible for driving overall company efficiency, quality, and technological evolution. Carlos joined NSerio as a Senior Full Stack Developer in 2013 and helped lead many of the company’s applications and processes.

Monica Gerena

CFO and HR Director

Monica is the CFO and HR Director at NSerio, she is an attorney and joined NSerio in 2018. She has extensive experience working in sales and customer service in her previous role at an insurance company, and as a project manager, lawyer and CFO in an auditing and corporate research company.

Her experience provides her a solid foundation to make the best financial decisions for NSerio, and she excels at maintaining a happy and positive work environment for the team.

Jessica Gomez

VP Client Solutions (RCA)

She has more than 10 years of experience working in Technology and Services Industries. She joined our team in February 2015 and has held several different roles and led multiple projects at NSerio.  Her experience enables her to have an excellent understanding of client requirements and needs. Jessica works with our clients to ensure they get the most out of our team, by clearly identifying client deliverables and communicating effectively.

The Team

Our team is our most important asset. We have worked very hard at building a team of fun-loving tech geeks. We like what we do and have a lot of fun doing it.

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez Founder CEO
  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres Chief Information and Technology Officer (RCA)
  • Monica Gerena
    Monica Gerena CFO and HR Director
  • Jessica Gomez
    Jessica Gomez VP Client Solutions (RCA)
  • Leidy Lagos
    Leidy Lagos Product Owner
  • Andrea Botina
    Andrea Botina Product Owner
  • Catherina Welter
    Catherina Welter Account Manager
  • Christian Llanos
    Christian Llanos Project Manager Lead
  • Deborah Lopera
    Deborah Lopera Project Manager
  • Claudia Rojas
    Claudia Rojas QA Lead
  • David Solorzano
    David Solorzano QA
  • Aide Paez
    Aide Paez QA
  • Amanda Triana
    Amanda Triana Management Human Talent
  • Camilo Molina
    Camilo Molina Developer
  • Leonardo Vera
    Leonardo Vera Developer
  • Johan Santamaria
    Johan Santamaria Software Architect
  • Diana Veloza
    Diana Veloza QA
  • Miller Torres
    Miller Torres Development Manager
  • Santiago Flores
    Santiago Flores QA
  • Oscar Cubillos
    Oscar Cubillos Developer
  • Camilo Soto
    Camilo Soto Developer
  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Developer
  • Alejandro Tinjaca
    Alejandro Tinjaca Accounting assistant
  • Fredy Rodriguez
    Fredy Rodriguez Software Architect
  • Phil Hennessy
    Phil Hennessy VP – Sales and Marketing
  • Cristhian Pérez
    Cristhian Pérez Developer
  • Alexander Marceles
    Alexander Marceles QA
  • Karen Torres
    Karen Torres QA
  • Duvan Pérez
    Duvan Pérez QA
  • Diego Guzman
    Diego Guzman Developer
  • Anyi Garzón
    Anyi Garzón Developer
  • Helmer Fuentes
    Helmer Fuentes Developer
  • Duvan Guia
    Duvan Guia Developer
  • Santiago Gacharná
    Santiago Gacharná Developer
  • Moises Ripoll
    Moises Ripoll Developer
  • Harold Bartolo
    Harold Bartolo Developer
  • Guillermo Ospitia
    Guillermo Ospitia Developer
  • Viviana Baez
    Viviana Baez Developer

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