About Us

It all started when Juan was born in a small city in the southern region of Colombia…..wait, that’s too far back. Let’s fast forward…..

In January of 2012 our founder, Juan Ramirez, moved from Chicago to Bogota. His mission was to create a company that would solve many of the current problems with outsourcing solutions. (He also wanted to get away from Chicago’s winters.)

Colombia was the perfect location. It aligns with US time zones. It has a rich talent pool focused in engineering and technology. It is a short flight away from several major US cities. We watch the same movies and listen to the same music, albeit with better dancing in Colombia. The people in Colombia are very welcoming, caring, and proud. This helped in creating a company culture that demands quality and places the success of our customers as our highest value.

We come from humble beginnings. Since then we have grown year after year. We are proud of our evolution and achievements, but we will never lose our humility.

The Leadership Team

Juan Ramirez

Juan Ramirez

Founder CEO

Juan Ramirez is the founder and CEO of NSerio. Juan was born in Colombia, South America, but grew up Chicago. He studied Electronic Engineering and began his career working in corporate IT world. He started freelancing as a software developer for small companies. This eventually led to the starting NSerio in 2011. Now NSerio has over 40 employees and works with some of most reputable law firms, legal service providers, and corporations.

Fun facts about Juan:

Hobbies: Motorcycle Racing / OneWheel
Music: New Order
Food: BBQ Ribs

Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres

Chief Operating Officer (RCA)

Carlos is the chief operating officer at NSerio. As a technology-driven professional, his 9+ years of experience in software construction has been across different industries; 5+ years of these related to Relativity. This experience brought him to lead engineering and delivery at NSerio since mid-2019. He is responsible for driving overall company efficiency, quality, and technological evolution. Carlos joined NSerio as a Senior Full Stack Developer in 2013 and helped to evolve many company applications and processes.

Fun facts about Carlos:

Hobbies: Golf
Music: 60s – 80s Heavy Metal
Food: Steak

Monica Gerena

Monica Gerena

CFO and HR Director

Monica is the CFO and HR Director at NSerio, she is an attorney and joined NSerio in 2018. She has experience working on sales and customer service in an insurance company, and as a project manager, lawyer and CFO in an auditing and corporate research company.

Her experience provides her strong bases about how to make the best decisions for the company and his employees, she is always looking at how to maintain a happy environment at work and take care of our finances.

Fun facts about Monica:

Hobbies: Crossfit
Music: 80’s Music
Food: Sushi

Marlon Sanguino

Marlon Sanguino

Architecture Director (RCA)

Marlon Sanguino is the director of architecture at NSerio. A Hands-On Full-Stack software developer and technical leader at NSerio.

Marlon was NSerio’s first developer, and he has developed several award-winning Relativity applications. Always learning and keeping on the vanguard on a constantly changing technology, his mentality is that nothing is impossible to do.

Fun facts about Marlon:

Hobbies: Movies
Music: Rock
Food: Steak

Jessica Gomez

Jessica Gomez

Account Manager (RCA)

Jessica Gomez is NSerio’s Account Manager. She has more than 10 years of experience working in Technology and Services Industries. She joined our team back in February 2015 and has worked on several roles and multiple projects, that allows her to have an excellent understanding of client’s requirements, pain points, and needs. Jessica works with our team to ensure client needs are understood and satisfied, so our clients can get the most out of our team.

Fun facts about Jessica:

Hobbies: Painting, Travelling.
Music: R-n-B, Reggaeton.
Food: Steak and French Fries.

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