Who are we


We are a software development company whose main goal is to ensure our client’s success. We can help you transform ideas into useful solutions. We are here to help you solve business problems by creating solutions that enhance your workflow.

Our focus is on developing applications on Relativity. We have developed all kinds of applications for our customers. We can help with projects of any size. Relativity custom development is our specialty and we help you build the next Innovation-Award-winning application.

Relativity Developer Partner
Relativity Developer Partner

We are award-winning Relativity software developers.

Why choose us


We promise to build a high quality solution at very competitive rates. We use the most efficient industry standards and methods in our development process. We also promise that our team will be collaborative, transparent, and dedicated to the success of your projects.


We follow and enforce Security Best Practices to anticipate risks. We value and protect the privacy of our customers’ data.

Low Rates

We offer very competitive rates in the Relativity custom development space 

Fast Response

We understand the urgency of some projects. We are always ready to help whenever issues arise

Fun To Work With

We believe that building relationships with our clients is important. It leads to successful projects by building trust. Hopefully we’re able to have some fun along the way.

Experience Counts

We’ve been working with the Relativity platform for over eight years. The technology is always evolving and we’ve learned the techniques to run things efficiently and secure.  We can use that knowledge and experience to work on your next project. 

Committed To Quality

While retaining competitive rates we never compromise on the quality of our services. Our team has a solid commitment to effective communications and industry best practices.

Solve Business Problems

Listening and identifying your business problem is a critical piece of our process. We can guide you and provide options to overcoming your technical challenges.

Communication And Transparency

We understand that communication is crucial to the success of any project. At NSerio, we provide constant visibility to all stages of our development process. We seek to actively involve our clients in the development process. We provide direct access to our tools and to the development team.

The Team

Our team is our most important asset. We have worked very hard at building a team of fun-loving tech geeks. We like what we do and have a lot of fun doing it.

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez Founder CEO
  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres Chief Operating Officer (RCA)
  • Monica Gerena
    Monica Gerena CFO and HR Director
  • Marlon Sanguino
    Marlon Sanguino Architecture Director (RCA)
  • Jessica Gomez
    Jessica Gomez Account Manager (RCA)
  • Christian Llanos
    Christian Llanos Project Manager
  • Aaron Machado
    Aaron Machado Project Manager
  • Andres Tellez
    Andres Tellez Project Manager
  • Edward Steinbruck
    Edward Steinbruck Project Manager
  • Claudia Rojas
    Claudia Rojas QA
  • David Solorzano
    David Solorzano QA
  • Aide Paez
    Aide Paez General Services
  • Amanda Triana
    Amanda Triana Management assistant
  • Leidy Lagos
    Leidy Lagos Developer
  • Oscar Sosa
    Oscar Sosa Developer
  • Camilo Molina
    Camilo Molina Developer
  • Leonardo Vera
    Leonardo Vera Developer
  • Johan Santamaria
    Johan Santamaria Developer
  • Juan Carlos Ñustes
    Juan Carlos Ñustes Developer
  • Miguel López
    Miguel López QA
  • Diana Veloza
    Diana Veloza QA
  • Guillermo Guerrero
    Guillermo Guerrero Developer
  • Nathaly Botina
    Nathaly Botina Developer
  • Edwar Ruiz
    Edwar Ruiz QA
  • Jeison Triana
    Jeison Triana Developer
  • Alexander Cubillos
    Alexander Cubillos Developer
  • Miller Torres
    Miller Torres Developer
  • Nicolas Forero
    Nicolas Forero Developer
  • Julio Bolaños
    Julio Bolaños Developer
  • Ruben Ortiz
    Ruben Ortiz Developer
  • Santiago Flores
    Santiago Flores IT Support
  • Camilo Molinos
    Camilo Molinos QA
  • Sergio Riañio
    Sergio Riañio QA
  • Oscar Cubillos
    Oscar Cubillos Developer
  • Camilo Torrez
    Camilo Torrez Developer
  • Jair Rodriguez
    Jair Rodriguez Developer
  • Camilo Soto
    Camilo Soto Developer
  • Andres Moreno
    Andres Moreno Developer
  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Developer
  • Alejandro Tinjaca
    Alejandro Tinjaca Accounting assistant
  • Juan David Lara
    Juan David Lara Developer
  • Fredy Rodriguez
    Fredy Rodriguez Developer


Years of experience

Innovation award winners

Innovation Awards

Ever since Relativity launched the Innovation Awards, eleven of our solutions were finalists and three were winners! 

2017 Winner

Law Firm: Bricker & Eckler
Category: Best Innovation Law Firm or Corporation.

2018 Winner

Law Firm: Bricker & Eckler
Category: Best Innovation Law Firm or Corporation.

2019 Winner

Law Firm: Kilpatrick Townsend
Category: Best Innovation Law Firm or Corporation.

Baraq Wani Senior Product Manager

We have a long standing working relationship with NSerio. They prove their dedication time and time again.

Cathryd Vang Operations Manager of Processes

The NSerio team handled transfer of knowledge very well. It was seamless and I would not hesitate in the future

David de Looze Director Relativity Technology Team

Thanks for the quick turnaround, once again confirming why we love working with NSerio!

David Hasman Litigation Support Manager

NSerio helped us succeed with a challenging project. They really feel like an extension of our team.

Andy AbbotCo-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

The team at NSerio has been a critical development partner to Heretik. We have always viewed them as an extension to Heretik’s engineering team, which I believe is key with working with a development partner.

Antony Durdin Project Manager

It has been a pleasure working with them and the quality of the output along with the level of end-client satisfaction shown by our client is testament to their efforts. I frequently had comments such as “we are amazed how quickly they have worked”, “we never expected them to be this far through by now”, and above all “we’re delighted” so the team should be very proud of what they achieved.

Andrew H. Sieja Founder and Executive Chairman

NSerio is awesome, you guys always create really cool stuff!

Dr. John Tinsley CEO & Co-Founder

We worked over an extended period of time with the NSerio team on the integration of our machine translation technology into the Relativity platform. The process was very smooth and we were pleased with the end results, particularly as the team helped us identify additional features and functionality that might help add value to our integration.

Some of our clients