eDiscovery software developers, experts in tailoring Relativity to fit your needs.

Who are we

We are a software development company whose main goal is to ensure our clients’ success. We can help you transform ideas into useful solutions to solve business problems, increase efficiency, and reduce cost.

We have developed many different types of applications for our clients and we specialize in custom development for Relativity.  We can help with projects of any size and maybe even help you win the next Relativity Innovation Award!

NSerio - Relativity Developer Partner
NSerio - Microsoft Gold Partner

Relativity Innovation Awards

2022 Winner - Relativity Fest

2022 Winner

Company:Troutman Pepper eMerge
Category: Best Innovation Enterprise
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2021 Winner - Relativity Fest

2021 Winner

Company: UNITAD
Category: Best Innovation Enterprise

2020 Winner - Relativity Fest

2020 Winner

Company:    Confidential
Category: Best Innovation (category withheld for privacy)

2018 Winner - Relativity Fest

2018 Winner

Law Firm: Bricker & Eckler
Category: Best Innovation Law Firm or Corporation.

2019 Winner - Relativity Fest

2019 Winner

Law Firm: Kilpatrick Townsend
Category: Best Innovation Law Firm or Corporation.
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2017 Winner - Relativity Fest

2017 Winner

Law Firm: Bricker & Eckler
Category: Best Innovation Law Firm or Corporation.
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Why choose us


We build high quality solutions at very competitive rates. We use industry standard methodologies in our development process. We promise that our team will be collaborative, transparent, and dedicated to the success of your projects.

NSerio Corp - Software Developers


We follow and enforce security best practices and we value and protect the privacy of our customers’ data.

NSerio Corp - Software Developers

Solve Business Problems

Listening intently and identifying your business problem is critical, and allows us to design options to overcome your technical challenges.

NSerio Corp - Software Developers

Experience Counts

We’ve been developing on the Relativity platform for more than eight years and have extensive subject  matter expertise. We’ve also developed many applications outside of Relativity and can help you wherever your challenge lies.

NSerio Corp - Software Developers

Low Rates

We offer very competitive rates for Relativity custom development and any other projects.

NSerio Corp - Software Developers

Fun To Work With

We believe building relationships and trust with our clients is important, leading to successful projects and some fun along the way!

NSerio Corp - Software Developers

Communication And Transparency

We understand that communication is crucial to the success of any project. At NSerio, we actively involve our clients and provide visibility and access into all stages of our development process.

NSerio Corp - Software Developers

Fast Response

We understand the urgency of many projects and we always stand ready to respond whenever needed.

NSerio Corp - Software Developers

Committed To Quality

We never compromise on the quality of our services.  Our team is committed to effective communications and industry best practices.


Years of experience

Relativity Innovation Award winners

Some of our trusted clients


CimplifiNSerio successfully managed multiple high-priority projects for us simultaneously, with clear communication and impressive responsiveness the entire way.


SystranThe cadence test modality that Nserio runs has been a great help to us since we can anticipate the changes that a new version of Relativity may bring us.

NSerio Clients - relativity
NSerio Clients - epiq
NSerio Clients - epiq
NSerio Clients - iconictranslation
NSerio Clients - epiq
NSerio Clients - foley
NSerio Clients - huschblackwell
NSerio Clients - huschblackwell
NSerio Clients - huschblackwell

NSerio Corp Covid-19Just what you need to read right now, another corporate COVID-19 message. (At least we didn’t email it to you.)  We’ll keep it very simple. We’re all going through a rough time right now, but we’ll get through it. While we don’t have epidemiologist on staff, even though some of us consider ourselves qualified, we’re trying to do our part in different ways.


The world will never be the same after this. There’s nothing preventing us from making it better when it’s over. We have a renewed value of our freedoms, our health and our relationships. 

Stay safe and stay sane!

Juan Ramirez



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